The Domination Tour begins this April!
Posted on April 6, 2004 at 8:46 PM

The Domination Tour hits the road on the 30th of April and will visit approximately 60 cities across the US! More than 30 confirmed dates have been posted below and we will continue to update the list as more dates are confirmed!

Click any of the "More Info" links next to a confirmed date for Venue & Show information. If you see "coming soon" next to a show date, it means the show is booked but we're still waiting on the show info. We will update those listings as soon as possible.

Help us promote the tour! Download some DT Mini-posters & Flyers and put them all over your town!
Sister Machine Gun
· Chris Randall
· Miguel Turanzas
· Brian McDaniel
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Christ Analogue
· Wade Alin

· KarloZ.M

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