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subject: out of texas
Posted on June 9, 2004 at 1:31 AM


our last show in texas was a pretty okay time. i got to meet the girls from bozo porno circus. i did a remix for them sometime back and they came out to say hi. most of my evening was spent researching the effects of apple kamikaze's. small crowd, nice people.

subject: t4
Posted on June 9, 2004 at 1:29 AM


san antonio. i'm getting a little tired of trying to find something interesting to say about carelessly under promoted shows.

subject: tied of meegus
Posted on June 9, 2004 at 1:28 AM


when i was a youngster i was very connected to dallas, be it the dallas cowboy cheerleaders or the girl i had a crush on (who was from dallas and through the eyes of a 9 year old boy - looked like a dallas cowboy cheerleader). even the limited sports related clothing i've owned in my life has always had something to do with dallas. so while the connection is thin and has nothing to do with my adult life, it still lingers. so - between the venue, the crowd, our sound, the band's performance, i have to put dallas very near the top of my list for best show of the tour. everyone sounded incredible and it was the morale boost we all needed. whether they meant to or not, smg busted out the headliner lights and that in itself made my evening complete. a huge thanks to chad!

qotd: the worst part of being with a 21 year old is having to listen to her music.

subject: more Meegus
Posted on June 9, 2004 at 1:27 AM


back in the day, before i left the illinois area i had considered the possibility of moving to austin. instead, in my now classic process of random uninformed decision making, i moved to seattle. so visiting austin fills me with a few "what if's." i really loved the city, it's texas' own seattle, a liberal haven in the midst of a lethal injection. i remember the determining factor in my not moving there was having to tell my friends I had decided to move to texas, anyway, thumbs up on the city itself. the show, well, the kids were real nice and the club itself was top notch.

subject: Meegus Part 1
Posted on June 3, 2004 at 6:59 PM


uh, uh. corpus christi was a total bust only to be salvaged by shiner bach, a full on jam session instead of the normal set, and the genius of a certain such chris randall.

qotd: there's no justice in texas, there's just us.

subject: another the other day
Posted on June 3, 2004 at 6:56 PM


new orleans is the voodoo capitol of the world. and while the entire tour was under some type of creole snake charming evil woman hurricane induced spell, the show, everything considered, was a pleasant surprise. the setup was challenging - the stage the size of a motel 6 bed. i would do it all again, 2 or 3 times. in succession

qotd: my v.i.p. stands for very intense pleasure.

subject: the other day
Posted on June 3, 2004 at 6:55 PM


we've got a day off today so we've decided to spend it driving 12 hours to New Orleans. The next couple days, even though we're going to spend most of the time driving, should be a welcome change. before you know it we'll be in texas. atleast that's our stategery

qotd:matter transport would do us some good at this point

subject: leaving florida
Posted on May 31, 2004 at 4:37 PM

among not so stiff competition, orlando wins the best florida show award. we didn't know the show was going to happen until the day before and as it turns out the crowd was there to watch the bands. many even knew the songs. very little emphasis was placed on the appearance and fem/dom qualities of the audience members and people - after 4 days in florida, that sits fine with me.

quote of the day: don't worry, i'm too tired to break anything

subject: (no subject)
Posted on May 30, 2004 at 6:03 PM

i'm a pretty big fan of the south. the humidity is a clean humidity very unlike the filthy ass feeling of new york or chicago. the girls seem to have a limitless internal supply of skin moisturizer, and i simply like the way people talk. both randall and i have started regressing back to our original twang (both of us having grown up with a skewed people to varmint ratio) and so far - it's been a really good time. all the shows down here have been good, not great, but good.

chapel hill - we had fun, i remember that. i fullfulled my blackout quota for the tour. 3 words. xena warrior princess.

charlotte - i played at the tremont way way back in 1997 on the IRD tour and more than anything, the hospitality was stunning. This time around, same deal. It may have been the best meal I've had since 1997, you know, back when we played the tremont. also the sound guy had his act together more than anyone we've dealt with to this point. plus there were some serious sins of the flesh happening during sins of the flesh.

columbia, sc - we've had 1 sound check in the last 11 shows. i'm not lodging a formal complaint by any means - it's just the way it is and at this point having one would feel like a waste of time. however. it's still very irritating to watch a local band spend nearly an hour rehearsing before the set in exchange for our non soundcheck. it was one of the many errors committed by our 2 house soundmen - jack and coke. other than that - it was a good night and quite a surprise that columbia, sc has a few people into this kind of music.

jacksonville - jacksonville is a complete toss up for me. plus: i love working with ross and the club in general has a real cool punk vibe. neutral: it's a military base and if you make any new fans they're bound to be in iraq next time you play. minus: skinheads.

atlanta - great night, great promoter, i had quite a bit of fun onstage. i've always had a good time in atlanta. both times now.

losing track - birmingham, al. we drove a long way for this show. and then we drove a long way back.

florida pulled a flipmode on us and we certainly weren't dominating anything. the highlight of all our florida shows was the day off. we caught up on sleep, did a bit of swimming, witnessed a purse snatching, had ourselves a nervous breakdown. fun for the whole family. tonight we try to turn things around in orlando.

subject: (no subject)
Posted on May 19, 2004 at 5:12 PM

what had really had happened was . . seriously, my commitment to blogging has not wavered a bit. my commitment to finding wi-fi, on the other hand, has. it's hard to top or even compete with charlie's obsession to the world of wireless internet. if i followed him around for a day you would probably get a blog every 10-15 minutes. oh, and i'll be teaching the 400 level class in tour drama at UIC this winter semester (the real reason i've been blogless.) charlie's is just a lot more datariffic than i am and that's the truth.

let's see, a quick recap.

- new haven. i'm all about this place. it was a good show. i may or may not have contributed to the delinquency of a minor.

- hartford. met the mendicant downline boys from over at the CA forum - super nice guys. Also hung out with Percy from Cylab/Atomica. Can't say a great deal about the show other than it inspired me to backup my live set.

- dc. 12yup12yup12yup12yup. it was a fun night but not a fun show. honestly, as much as i shouldn't air these opinions, i think i'm over nation and i think they're over me. it just feels like the promoter only books us because of our capitol ballroom past. 60+ people asked me when we were going on, atleast 20+ asked brian. all this after we played. (9 PM) On the plus side, SMG tore some shit up and properly represented the DT crew. Karlos, a very patient man, again sat the night out.

- smithtown. holy fucking punk rock. a huge thanks to john and andrea for the meal of the tour and their unparalleled kindness.

- new york. this night was very much like when i lived in new york. it had only been a few months since i'd been back and i've gone there atleast once every 6 months since i moved. i technically work there. i don't think i'll ever feel quite as much "at home" anywhere else in the world. the show was excellent. as far as the non breakage version of ca, this was our best performance of the tour. a kid even showed up wearing a deerslayer shirt (he had made himself). Karlos was amazing (joined by charlie on drums and hellraver from terrorfact) it was the perfect night. and then, very much like the time i lived in the city, keeping it real went very wrong. too much alcohol, too many line cooks working with the lunch expediter. i haven't read CR's apology to Karlos but i know i owe him one myself as well. Karlos almost certainly walked out of the batcave at 4 am feeling the same way i did an hour earlier - on top of the world, having fun, just lovin it. and while there were mild showers on my parade an hour earlier, he got the full on tropical hurricane tornado combo. My phone died and from what i gather - I was next. I won't attempt to go into detail but for real - Karlos, I'm sorry.

- va beach. no.

- baltimore. that was last night. yesterday overall was a really good day. a character testing good day and i'd say we all came out on top. while we sat and quivered at the thought of a va beach reoccurrence, everything turned out okay.

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