blog: Wade Alin
subject: bye bye
Posted on July 2, 2004 at 2:05 PM

back in the day (a phrase that has been thoroughly beat-up at this point) I would have considered this a step in the right direction, come home, bartended my way out of debt, vacuumed out the van, and started booking the next tour.

the eerie feeling that loomed above my first eid tour (where is everyone, what happened, etc.) is about the only thing I can feel at this point. that and a vicious hangover from what feels like a 60 day binge in the opposite direction of a nervous breakdown (or 2, or 3).. At times, having our merch guy call me "the toughest motherfucker on the tour" is the only thing that got me through.

we had some good shows, there were some fun nights and maybe I'll be all over it by the time I get the stench out of the van and tear my way out of an astonishing amount of debt. yet I'm happy we did it, if only to get it out of my system.

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