subject: No fumar, gracias
Posted on June 27, 2004 at 2:23 AM

To relate all the events that have occurred since my last missive would be tedious for both you and I. Suffice to say that now that we've left the West Coast, our drives between shows have lengthened considerably; thus, my daily sleep deprivation has increased exponentially as well. I have no idea what the words "well rested" even imply any more, let alone having any personal experience in that heady event.

The two Colorado shows were excellent. However, I have to give the win to Colorado Springs. A fantastic crowd and the best dive in the world make for a really cool show. We had a good time, despite the feeling of impending doom, knowing the longest single day drive of the tour was in our immediate future.

The 780 mile overnight trip from Colorado Springs to Ames passed without incident, however. We're back up to 10 people with the addition of Garret Lansing, who is photographically documenting the last week of the tour. We're well packed, and I've now decided that Greyhound isn't such a bad way to travel, what with the roomy seats and bathroom and what not. The only real plus is that I can smoke like a god damned chimney in The Van, and I'd probably get in trouble for that on a Greyhound.

The Ames, IA show wasn't one of the highlights of the tour, and I'll leave it at that. Big ups to the people that came out; small ups to the club for the most lackluster promotion we've seen on the tour. I don't understand why someone would buy a show, sign a contract to say that they'll pay for said show, then not promote it. If I knew they were going to do that, I'd have had them just Fedex me a check so we could have driven straight to Springfield and avoided the trouble of having to go to Iowa and play a show. It would have saved a lot of trouble for everybody. (I'm not really supposed to talk shit about promoters and venues in The Blog, but fuck it. I held up my end of the bargain, and they should have done the same.)

Anyways, we're on the way to Springfield now. Only four more shows until we're home; I literally can not wait to sleep in my own bed. Or just plain sleep.

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