blog: KarloZ.M
subject: North West
Posted on June 22, 2004 at 8:55 PM

San Francisco was great big thanks to all the folks that came early and gave a warm reception.

Portland was off the hook, I was not expecting such a turn out or the level of energy, big thanks to all the Portland folks for making it such a special night.

Seattle as always was a great evening, had a blast being at home and seeing faces I missed over these last couple of months.

Eugene was not my gig, I decided to just spin some records some IDM , breakbeat, downtempo stuff.

Currently in Reno, no money to gamble and it's pretty hot out so, just sitting around waiting to see what happens tonight.

Sister Machine Gun
· Chris Randall
· Miguel Turanzas
· Brian McDaniel
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Christ Analogue
· Wade Alin

· KarloZ.M

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