subject: Over the river and through the woods...
Posted on June 21, 2004 at 6:05 PM

The Seattle show is now done and gone, which means that the Domination Tour has reached the final turning point, where we point the Van/Trailer Symbiosis east and head for home. I'm writing this on Sunday, the last Day Off of the entire tour. We've got 10 shows left as we make our way back to Chicago.

The show at the Fenix was amazing, as always. Rick Wyatt is one of the few people in this industry that cares more about putting on a good show and making sure people are there enjoying themselves than maximizing the bottom line. Sometimes this works to his detriment, I'm sure, but in all honesty, the fact that he takes such good care of the bands that play his venue makes every other Pacific Northwest date possible. I'm proud to call him my friend, and was very happy that we were able to book my birthday show at the Fenix. Also, a special thanks to Brad and all the production staff. These guys definitely go the extra mile, and were very understanding of my seeming inability to tell time.

In order to recover from the monster day in Seattle, Vincent, Miguel, Brian and I drove down to my mother's house, which is up in the Cascades a bit East of Salem, Oregon, for some serious R&R, while the rest of the boys stayed in Seattle for some serious Party Time. Mom has an amazing piece of property on a river. There are, like, trees and shit. It occurred to me today that the farther you get from an Interstate highway, the better the quality of life. The water in the river that fronts her property is crystal clear. The air smells like, I don't know, what I suppose air is supposed to smell like when it isn't full of truck exhaust. You can see shit in the sky besides the moon and airplanes. In short, it's pretty fucking nice out here. A fitting last Day Off. We'll be meeting up with the rest of the boys in Eugene tomorrow (today, when you read this) for the first show of the Last Leg.

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