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Posted on June 18, 2004 at 9:19 PM

So, after the three-hour drive to the Capitol of California, we arrive at Shady Brady's to discover that the venue has no P.A. This, for obvious reasons, poses a bit of a problem to an "industrial" band (which in this day and age means "a band with electronic backing tapes/computers/whatever the fuck.") When remarking on this, I was informed that "most bands travel with a P.A." This is an interesting bit of news to me, as in my experience, only the biggest nationals travel with a full P.A. The only tour I've ever been on where a P.A. was dragged around the country was Angstfest in 1994. Quite frankly, I couldn't see Angstfest playing in Shady Brady's, a 100-capacity bar.

I have to be honest and say that we could probably have pulled off a show; the owner of the venue offered to procure a P.A. at no cost to us. However, when all was said and done, I decided this would be considerably more trouble than it was worth. So I'm taking this opportunity to apologize to anyone that came out to the show in Sacramento, and found we had already left. There was simply no way we could have played a show that could be described with any phrase nicer than "half-assed." So we didn't. If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing right, as Lisa is always telling me.

So, we drove half-way to Portland (which put us in Ashland, OR), stopped at a hotel for the evening, then finished off the drive today. I'm sitting in the club in Portland writing this, with an all-encompassing ass-ache from sitting in The Van for what seems like a week solid. Almost all of the remaining drives on the tour are of the 6 to 9 hour variety, with one epic 14-hour fiesta in our not-too-distant future. Yee haw. Let me just say that if you're thinking of starting a touring band, and you're over 6 feet tall, just plan on having a total vertebrae meltdown on a daily basis.

It is nice to be in Oregon, the only state in the Union that actually smells right, IMO. While I'm an Eastern Oregonian, I have certainly spent my fair share of time in the Valley. It's nice to look at something that is, say, $0.99, and know that's the actual price. It's nice to not have to pump your own gas. In short, it's good to be home. Lisa is coming to the Seattle show for my birthday, so I'm understandably anxious to get this show over with and depart for parts north. The last time I saw her was way back in Champaign, 'round May 2nd or so. Since she and I spend pretty much every waking moment together, as we both work at home normally, I get separation anxiety of the first order. I'll drop a post about the Portland show tonight, then you probably won't hear from me again until Sunday night or Monday morning.

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