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Posted on June 15, 2004 at 6:21 PM


los angeles has always been a good show for me. it's always been a bad one for chris. so what i did was put all my energy (or some shit along those lines) into smg having a good show, which they did. it was probably their best show of the tour so far - it was nothing short of amazing.

i, on the other hand, had what i can easily call the worst show of my entire musical career. my powerbook stopped working (the connections had gotten unplugged by someone or another), the backup to my powerbook stopped working, jason had one drum mic that wasn't even plugged in, the sound guys were rushing the fuck out of us and trying to get us to play before manufactura had even started breaking down. it was terrible, we were treated like complete shit by everyone (other than jeff!) and that's really putting it lightly. as i was leaving stage, a girl that had seen us a few times and owned all of our albums said "god, that sucked." it did. redeeming qualities for the night included hanging out with karin and static from collide, the en esch antics. getting to see taime and a few other old friends.

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