subject: Likely see someone you know on Heart Attack and Vine...
Posted on June 13, 2004 at 7:17 AM

Holy fucking shit. L.A., for like the first time ever, was quite off the hook. That _really_ surprises me, as I seem to have been cursed since 1991 with having shitty shows in LA, plagued with technical problems and jaded audiences.

Not so tonight. CA had quite a few technical problems, however, so I guess the Karma Police pulled someone over and beat them with billy clubs, but it wasn't fucking me for a change of pace. Got to see some good friends as well; En Esch stopped by, and Buzz McCoy (TKK) came down, as well as Tony Schrock from Final Cut and Tamie Downs (Newlydeads + Faster Pussycat.) I'm not a name-dropper; it's just that it was good to hang out with some old friends that I haven't seen in a while. En Esch tackled me in the middle of "Better Than Me" and pulled me off the stage. Too much comedy for one night. Only in LA.

An interesting highlight to the day: we left the hotel for the club about 4:00 pm, and when we were cruising down Highland, someone coming down a side street decided to pull a u-turn in the middle of the intersection. The problem with this course of action is that they didn't have the light, and Highland is a pretty busy road. So the guy making the u-turn slammed in to 4 other vehicles during his about-face, and then sped off. One of the vehicles he tagged was a Chevy Suburban full to the gills with a bunch of gentlemen of the East LA persuasion. They took off after the guy, and ended up pinning his vehicle to the guard rail about a quarter mile down the road.

We stopped to help out the other three cars, one of which was very badly damaged from hitting the stop light pole after getting tagged. While trying to cross the road to get to this guy, I was just about run down by someone running the red light (which had _just_ changed from the green it was on when the accident occurred.) LA is simply the most bizarre place I've ever been, or ever will be. It is continually amazing to me exactly how self-centered people can be, given the opportunity.

The strangest thing about the whole operation was that the guy who almost ran me over actually stopped to tell me what an asshole I was for trying to cross the road to help this guy. Keep in mind that he drove right through this accident, basically while it was occurring. Too fucking weird. The second weirdest thing about the situation was that if we had have been even one second earlier, we would have been nailed by that u-turning cocksucker instead of the Suburban, which was directly in front of us. Food for thought.

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