subject: "I'd like an Old Fashioned, hold the sugar, oranges, bitters and cherries..."
Posted on June 12, 2004 at 4:43 AM

Plush is an absolutely awesome club. The staff was some of the nicest people we've met on tour, and the club was really well kept. We had our only Sound Chick on the tour so far, Erica, who did a bang-up job keeping our craziness in order.

Nothing much to say about the day besides that. It was relatively average (drive up, park in psuedo-cool neighborhood, walk around causing trouble, play show, drive away.) We're back in the same Flying J I posted from earlier today, on our way to L.A. I'm sure I'll have some interesting tale or another to relate about tomorrow's show. Escape From L.A. is physically impossible to complete unscathed for a band. Ain't gonna happen. Snake Plisken couldn't do it, so I don't expect we'll have any better luck.

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