blog: Wade Alin
subject: feeeenix
Posted on June 11, 2004 at 2:41 PM


phoenix. no joke. my mother remarried when i was 9 years old and moved my sister, my brand new step brother, and myself out to phoenix, az. my step brother was 18 years old and quite the party guy. what ensued - from the time i was 10 to the time i was 14, was a complete blur of experimental drug use, sex, and alcohol abuse. so a couple few arrest later, i ended up leaving home and becoming a serious straightedge kid at the age of 14. it was during this time i was involved in a glam rock band, ala hanoi rocks, ny dolls, mott, etc. and played the first show of my career. long story short, the first show i ever played was at the mason jar in phoenix. it was a terrible experience and thinking back on it i wonder why i continued to do music. exactly 20 years later (i'm now 33) i found myself on the very same stage, not sucking near as bad as i did when i was 13. it wasn't my best show of the tour and i was pretty creeped out the entire night but in a way it felt good.

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