blog: KarloZ.M
subject: Southern Comfort
Posted on May 31, 2004 at 8:52 PM

So yeah, first time I can sit down and post, the tour in the south so far has sucked for me. I was sick and I hate humidity so it's not the ideal situation however meeting people in some of these little towns who are surprised and pleased to have a "noise" artist come to their area makes it somewhat worth while.

some of the highlight shows in this southern leg of the tour have been, Jacksonville (FL), Atlanta (GA) & West Palm Beach (FL).

spent the day off in FL in Miami drove down and hung out with some of the homies that I havet seen in years. Miami Beach has always been in constant change, so it did not surprise me to find new trends of playa hatin' at the ol' beach, the one constant in Miami is the vibe of the city, slow days, fast fucking nights.

Tomorrow night is New Orleans, I've been here before and loved the vibe of the city so I'm hoping that we have a good show. Today is our day off, after countless hours of Imsomnia I decided to run the streets of this old city with Mr. Levi & Miguel. taking a break from the drunks and the strippers that try to get you to get in their titty bars and shit, lots of tourists looking at drunks and freaks.

anyway, too tired and worn to think back of some the quotes in the last couple of days. plenty of strange & provocative conversations if I can remember some of them at a later time I'll repost some quotes.

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