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Posted on May 30, 2004 at 6:03 PM

i'm a pretty big fan of the south. the humidity is a clean humidity very unlike the filthy ass feeling of new york or chicago. the girls seem to have a limitless internal supply of skin moisturizer, and i simply like the way people talk. both randall and i have started regressing back to our original twang (both of us having grown up with a skewed people to varmint ratio) and so far - it's been a really good time. all the shows down here have been good, not great, but good.

chapel hill - we had fun, i remember that. i fullfulled my blackout quota for the tour. 3 words. xena warrior princess.

charlotte - i played at the tremont way way back in 1997 on the IRD tour and more than anything, the hospitality was stunning. This time around, same deal. It may have been the best meal I've had since 1997, you know, back when we played the tremont. also the sound guy had his act together more than anyone we've dealt with to this point. plus there were some serious sins of the flesh happening during sins of the flesh.

columbia, sc - we've had 1 sound check in the last 11 shows. i'm not lodging a formal complaint by any means - it's just the way it is and at this point having one would feel like a waste of time. however. it's still very irritating to watch a local band spend nearly an hour rehearsing before the set in exchange for our non soundcheck. it was one of the many errors committed by our 2 house soundmen - jack and coke. other than that - it was a good night and quite a surprise that columbia, sc has a few people into this kind of music.

jacksonville - jacksonville is a complete toss up for me. plus: i love working with ross and the club in general has a real cool punk vibe. neutral: it's a military base and if you make any new fans they're bound to be in iraq next time you play. minus: skinheads.

atlanta - great night, great promoter, i had quite a bit of fun onstage. i've always had a good time in atlanta. both times now.

losing track - birmingham, al. we drove a long way for this show. and then we drove a long way back.

florida pulled a flipmode on us and we certainly weren't dominating anything. the highlight of all our florida shows was the day off. we caught up on sleep, did a bit of swimming, witnessed a purse snatching, had ourselves a nervous breakdown. fun for the whole family. tonight we try to turn things around in orlando.

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