blog: KarloZ.M
subject: Charlotte, NC
Posted on May 21, 2004 at 6:51 PM

ahahaha....great fucking night!!! the venue kind of reminded me of a 3 ring circus. I was the dancing monkey with the turn-me-pull-you little machine, CA were the performing seals bouncing balls off each other, and of course SMG were the roaring tigers and lions that tore the shit out of the circus.

the crowd was REALLY interesting, there was a flasher that couldn't stop showing off her boobies, there was some other freak that kept playing with herself all night, there were the dudes rasing their fists and shouting all night, and there were some goodtime dancers enjoying the show. all good....

thatnks to all those folks that enjoyed the set, I'm glad you liked it. The sound guy was AWESOME!! fucking guy knew what the fuck he was doing, unlike some others.

quote of the day:"wha the fuck?? all the titties I showed and all I get is this sweaty t-shirt?? give me some free shit."

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