subject: Strange culture
Posted on May 10, 2004 at 11:36 PM

An "oasis" is a rest area in tour lingo. For the longest time, I thought it was the name of a gas station chain that I've never seen before.

When people ask (simply from our appearance) "Are you a band?" they inevitably ask after that what the name of the band is. The response is "Driving and Crying." How true, how true. Ironic and amusing, but I've been afraid people would take this to mean I'm the merch guy for an emo band.

The hotels aren't bad. I sleep on the floor, because I like to. No, really. Hotel rooms are the same as the van-two rooms, smokers and non. Two rooms. This could be the one time that I'm really glad that I became a smoker. One thing I noticed- by the time I'm awake, CR has already showered, found the gym, swam in the pool, chilled in the hottub, and eaten in the breakfast room. The man IS a machine, I think. Oh, and don't tell Charles Levi to hurry up in the shower, he won't anyways. Hilarious.

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