subject: well there...
Posted on May 10, 2004 at 11:22 PM

The first few days were great. I had just been rushing to finish school, and the ten hour train ride left my neck incredibly rough when I arrived in Chicago. However, things were all good at the PosiKompound, and LR! spent the day learnin' me on all things Merch. The way things went, it all seemed so simple, because she had it so organized.

However, during the first show in La Crosse, I was still counting merch when the other guys were ready to leave. It was great--I was counting CA shirts, wondering how long it would be before they began rushing me. At that point, CR runs up the stairs and says to me, "Oh shit, you're still here?" Great way for things to begin. Special thanks to Nick for helping me on my first night. After that, we all went to a bar across the street to celebrate the first (successful!) day of the DT, ready for whatever happens.

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