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Posted on May 10, 2004 at 7:37 PM

in spite of all my good intentions, it seems I've won the blog queen title. Not to make excuses but - I'm gonna serve one up right now. The whole deer murder situation has sent my personal life, time management skills, and overall focus into a spiral. It's been about a week and a half and I'm just starting to get my head back where it needs to be.

so the start of the tour was all sorts of tiarapalooza with 10 distinct personalities shoved into a 4 wheeled (6 if you count the trailer) death trap. Yet a mere 40-50 cockblocks later, everything is starting to fall into place. As CR likes to say "I think we have ourselves a tour.

Tonight in Ithaca will be show #10 so I'll do a quick recap of the dates so far.

-Lacrosse, love this place, love Steve, send me a bill for the mic stand. Some crazy vamp hooker took a big chunk out of my neck. Seriously. -Milwaukee - I'm kissing SMG's proverbial boots for the first time, it was great to play to a full club.

-Champaign - wha happened? why do they break their shit, why's Wade so mad. etc. etc.

-Columbus - another really good show, I can feel the momentum starting to build for us in this area. I did sound for SMG which was quite fun. Even more fun if the channels were labeled correctly.

-Pittsburgh - This is one area I can honestly say we already have a pretty big following and the performance reflected exactly that. I chopped my head up a bit, went way over budget on the gear breaking, had one of the better nights of the tour, and reminded myself why I do this. I also gave away my keyboard and Levi and I terrorized my friend Andrea. Good times. Big ups to Jim and the Assassination Foundation (or Ass Foundation for short.)

- State College - what?

- Philadelphia - what? (Little John/Chapelle show reference)

- Buffalo - what? I hear the mix wasn't the greatest. Either was crowd so nanny nanny boo boo. But I won't go as far a Veil did. We had a good show and since we hadn't played this area before, made a few new fans. SMG tore it down - the best show I've seen them play so far.

Cleveland - relatively small crowd for a Saturday night but shit was tight all around.

Overall, the tour is one of the best I've seen and it's the first time in years anyone has tried to do what we're doing out here (atleast in this genre). Karloz (Manufactura) is by far one of the best new artists to emerge and it's a privilege to get to see him play every night. SMG - what can I say - they're flat out legendary and this is by far the best lineup I've ever seen Chris with (referring to Levi, Miguel, and Vince.) More to come . . . W

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