subject: Welcome to the Domination Tour blog area!
Posted on March 19, 2004 at 7:58 PM

And away we go. The area you're currently in, containing blogs from myself, Miguel, Wade Alin (Christ Analogue) and KarloZ.M (Manufactura) will be updated every few days until the first show. Once we actually leave, however, it's a whole new ball of twine.

I can't speak for the other gentlemen, but as for me, there will be at least one, and probably multiple, entries every single day, wherein you will find my amusing road trip anecdotes you know and love so much from the SMG site, as well as pictures I've taken while travelling.

I will still blog on the SMG site while the tour is going on, but mostly about things that are related only to SMG, or to non-tour-related stuff (basically, the normal content of the SMG blog will remain unchanged). The twice-daily missives will occur on this site, however, along with commentary from the other four principle members of the tour. So you'll get to hear about every stupid little thing that happens from 5 different viewpoints, which should be enough for anyone. All that said, this will be a very well-blogged tour, and this site should provide an amazing insight in to what we go through every day while on the road.

You've no doubt noticed a shitload of TBA dates on the front page. Anyone that has prior knowledge of how SMG puts dates on the internet knows that we don't post dates until we have signed contracts. So as the dates come in, all those TBA stops will turn in to real shows.

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