Since 1990, Chicago industrial rock mainstays Sister Machine Gun have been making ground-breaking records and playing incendiary live shows. In the fourteen years since the band was formed, SMG has released seven full-length albums, three EPs, and countless singles and side projects. SMG songs have been featured in video games and television shows such as Microsoft's Xbox game Amped2, MTV's The Real World, USA Network's La Femme Nikita, TNN and Fox Sports' Re:Evolution of Sports, and several feature films and soundtracks including Scream, Hideaway, and the platinum selling Mortal Kombat.

Sister Machine Gun founder Chris Randall and guitarist Miguel Turanzas are, without a doubt, one of music's hardest working duos. In addition to recording, producing, and touring, they also run their own record label, Positron! Records. Not simply a vehicle for SMG, the label has unleashed 18 releases including albums from Van Christie (Die Warzau), Matt Walker (Filter/Smashing Pumpkins/Cupcakes) and Mike Fisher (Machines of Loving Grace).

SMG's extensive catalog explores just about every genre of modern music, from electro-funk dance to Hendrix-flavored industrial strength rock. Their seventh release, Influence, is an elektro-industrial tour-de-force that recalls the industrial sound of the late eighties and early nineties. Heavy beats, distorted guitars and pounding synth lines drag your favorite sounds kicking and screaming into the future.

Sister Machine Gun's catalog of critically acclaimed albums includes four on the pioneering Wax Trax! label: Sins Of The Flesh (1992), The Torture Technique (1994), Burn (1995), and Metropolis (1997); plus three on their own Positron! Records: [R]evolution (1999), sistermachinegun: 6.0 (2001), and Influence (2003). The liner notes of these albums read like a veritable Who's Who of modern music, and include Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie/Tin Machine), Sascha & En Esch (KMFDM), Charles Levi (Thrill Kill Kult/Pigface), Gino Lenardo (Filter), Scott Churilla (The Rev. Horton Heat), Matt Walker (Filter/Smashing Pumpkins/Cupcakes), and Jim Marcus & Van Christie (Die Warzau).

With fans that treat the band as a religion, and an online presence second to none, Sister Machine Gun are Chicago's Ambassadors of Industrial.

The Sister Machine Gun live band includes: Chris Randall on vocals/synth, Miguel Turanzas on guitar, Charles Levi (Thrill Kill Kult/Pigface) on bass and Vince Grech (Thanatos/13mg/Lick) on drums.

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Christ Analogue was devised in 1995 by programmer/vocalist Wade Alin. The 1996 release of their debut album, The Texture of Despise, earned the band instant respect and established them as a force in the electronic/industrial music scene.

With some of the most aggressive and exciting performances ever seen from an electronic-based project, Christ Analogue developed a strong following in the Seattle, WA, and Vancouver, BC, areas, and they began to contemplate the same exposure on a national level. The punk ethic of their live performances bled over to this effort, with the band booking and headlining their own tours of the United States. Christ Analogue did five national tours within two years, including shows with Sheep on Drugs, 16 Volt, Electric Hellfire Club, Stabbing Westward, and two appearances at the CMJ Musicfest.

After signing to MCA/Cargo/Reconstriction, Christ Analogue released what would prove to be their most defining, but apparently final, album: In Radiant Decay. Critically acclaimed by both the commercial and underground press, IRD made an impact both in clubs and on college radio throughout the U.S. Despite these successes, Wade Alin's relocation to New York coupled with the collapse of Reconstriction Records caused the band's dissolution.

Five years after their departure, Christ Analogue has reemerged with the stunning new album Everyday Is Distortion.

EID's sound ranges from hard-driving electro-industrial to downright cerebral. A flawless union of intricate drum and synth programming, strong ambient structure, and vocals ranging from intimate to enraged bear the listener through this sixteen-song epic. EID is quickly reestablishing Christ Analogue as one of the premiere acts in the electro-industrial scene.

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In just four years Seattle's Karloz.M has made quite a name for himself as Manufactura, taking the power-noise scene by storm with his critically acclaimed debut album Regression and his aggressive live performances. Ranging from rhythmic noise, drill n' bass, trance, electronica, IDM, industrial, EBM & old school electro, Regression quickly became a favorite among a vast array of electronic music fans.

As one half of the upstart label Auricle Media (along with Scott Sturgis of Converter/Notime/Pain Station), Karloz.M has released the works of such artists as Broken Fabiola and Notime. He has also worked on various production work and collaborations with such artists as Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun/Micronaut), Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Architect/Cleen), Dre Robinson (Databomb/Noise Box), and Shaun Frandsen (Glis/Ayria).

In 2003 a whole new breed of powernoise/ebm synthesis congealed within the confines of the Manufactura studio. Having signed to Hive Records to release his second album, Precognitive Dissonance, Karloz.M brings a new diverse evolution in the Manufactura sound, this time brilliantly melding dark liquid atmospheres, acid-worn dirty noise rhythms, and pounding EBM influences with his signature brand of crushing powernoise rhythms. Obscure samples frame the infectiously driving tracks that prove to be just too concussive to sit still to - this is music made for movement. This is all the proof that a naysayer may need that industrial music is not dead, but evolving into something wholly greater than the recycled clichés of yesterday.

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